Thursday, December 16, 2010


Give the gift of La Dama for Christmas. You won't go wrong with any purchase.

a little more than $70, but come on! you can't put a price on the look on your loved ones faces when they see these under the tree...
digby & Iona stump ring $210, Lillian crowe gold heart necklace $122, Digby & Iona 14 point stag ring $230, Tirana black diamond gear earrings $132, Gather crystal bullet charm bracelet (i put in on here twice because it's just that good) $58, Fortune favors the brave totem ring (Audrey is getting this for Christmas and she doesn't even know it yet) $185

10% off and free shipping everything is the store for the rest of the month with the code: JINGLEBALLS

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Alex & Eli

I was so excited to get an email today from Anna and Anja, the amazing designers behind Alex & Eli. They wanted to let me know that Natasha Bedingfield wore the shark fin dress I ordered from their Spring 2011 collection on the today show!

susanna lau aka susie bubble wears alex & eli
so does kim k.

i've never cared much for natasha bedingfield, but now that i know she has amazing taste i'll be reconsidering my feeling for her. Alex & Eli arrives in the shop in spring, until then sit tight and watch natasha's today show performance.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


introducing: Fortune Favors the Brave by Shannon Davenport and Julia Wilson. Their Debut collection is inspired by the fusion of traditional Native American art with a rugged Americana and Western sensibility. The jewelry represents a bold and modern reinterpretation of these Southwestern themes, amped with over sized proportions for a more aggressive take on this typically soft and intricate aesthetic.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


new to the shop: Laugh Cry Repeat by the designers behind Anzevino & Florence. This new line bridges the gap between couture and contemporary. Inspired by the contrasts of casual and dressy, playful and stoic, the collection features modern silhouettes in a unique mixture of fabrics and colors.

Scarlett loves Laugh Cry Repeat Tee's and she also loves singing with Pete Yorn, who I love. Pete and Scarlett deserve a post just for them, so I'll save my story of how I fell in love with Pete for later. I will say that the first time we met, was also the day I met Winona Ryder (big disappointment) and Ryan Adams, my other love and not a disappointment in any way.

Scarlett and Pete are also fellow vegetarians so from Friday thru Monday all clothing in the shop will be 25% off, yes this includes sale items. Discount code will be TOFUTURKEY

Thursday, November 11, 2010


TEAMO's Fall 2010 collection is their best yet. A lot of the pieces, the ones constructed in strips, have a severely deconstructed feel, but the rough edges are contrasted by solid, more finished details in other parts of the same piece, and they've done a great job to reinforce the construction or background of the areas where you do see shredded edges.

Everything is of perfect seasonal weight for
Mexico, California, New York, or wherever.

The collection really hits home in terms of their broader theme as a brand, though they tell me the specific inspiration was "skate witches." It excites me because it feels so distinctly
Mexico City: gothy, kind of rag-tag, improvised combinations of skate wear and Latin detailing. Still, it definitely feels feminine.

The grey mummy sweater is my favorite.

Rafa and Roberto showed their friend Diana Fabre their storyboards for their upcoming Spring 2011 collection, played her music that inspired them and together they came up with this "art" Enjoy it's awesomeness and creepiness.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Every Little Counts

Black triangles form a heart on the center part of this new crop top by Every Little Counts, which is appropriately called "Bizarre Love Triangle" Just added to the shop, buy yours here.


Mociun has made the most perfect cloak ever. So lightweight that you can wear it on it's own on the west coast and layered with cute sweaters on the east. check out the rest of the Mociun fall 2010 collection here.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


1.Fortune favors the brave look book, check out the amazing totem ring! I can't wait to wear the crap out of mine.
2.Laugh Cry Repeat Holiday collection coming soon.
3.Lonely Hearts 2011...fucking amazing.
4.Rose quartz pressie from Leora xo
5.La Dama studio sneak peak of TEAMO fall 2010, which includes The mummy sweater with woven sleeves....ummmmm, the perfect sweater perhaps? hand chains promised, pics of the dress that almost was. offspring
9.Halloween time at Disneyland is the best.
10.Snoop d o double g....tied as my best celebrity sighting with Juliette Lewis at a white stripes show 10 years ago when she just went up and hugged me for no reason.
11.Nacho and Bacon, the La Dama mascots
12.Peak a boo at the amazing mociun summit dress with black and white topography chunks..up in the shop in a few days.
13.empty studio wall
14.fabric shot of the Choctaw skirt, also in the shop in a few days.

La dama

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Arrivals!

Shape Shiftr has arrived! silk tail dresses, long mesh shirts and the grey/black cut-out's just too good.