Thursday, November 11, 2010


TEAMO's Fall 2010 collection is their best yet. A lot of the pieces, the ones constructed in strips, have a severely deconstructed feel, but the rough edges are contrasted by solid, more finished details in other parts of the same piece, and they've done a great job to reinforce the construction or background of the areas where you do see shredded edges.

Everything is of perfect seasonal weight for
Mexico, California, New York, or wherever.

The collection really hits home in terms of their broader theme as a brand, though they tell me the specific inspiration was "skate witches." It excites me because it feels so distinctly
Mexico City: gothy, kind of rag-tag, improvised combinations of skate wear and Latin detailing. Still, it definitely feels feminine.

The grey mummy sweater is my favorite.

Rafa and Roberto showed their friend Diana Fabre their storyboards for their upcoming Spring 2011 collection, played her music that inspired them and together they came up with this "art" Enjoy it's awesomeness and creepiness.


  1. that sweater is amazing. loving that maxi skirt too :)

  2. I never heard of the brand before so thanks for this post, I love the pieces!!
    You asked on my blog where I got the Mongolian jacket from? I bought it from eBay but the seller originally got it at Topshops vintage section, I do wonder if it did come from Mongolia originally??