Thursday, December 16, 2010


Give the gift of La Dama for Christmas. You won't go wrong with any purchase.

a little more than $70, but come on! you can't put a price on the look on your loved ones faces when they see these under the tree...
digby & Iona stump ring $210, Lillian crowe gold heart necklace $122, Digby & Iona 14 point stag ring $230, Tirana black diamond gear earrings $132, Gather crystal bullet charm bracelet (i put in on here twice because it's just that good) $58, Fortune favors the brave totem ring (Audrey is getting this for Christmas and she doesn't even know it yet) $185

10% off and free shipping everything is the store for the rest of the month with the code: JINGLEBALLS

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Alex & Eli

I was so excited to get an email today from Anna and Anja, the amazing designers behind Alex & Eli. They wanted to let me know that Natasha Bedingfield wore the shark fin dress I ordered from their Spring 2011 collection on the today show!

susanna lau aka susie bubble wears alex & eli
so does kim k.

i've never cared much for natasha bedingfield, but now that i know she has amazing taste i'll be reconsidering my feeling for her. Alex & Eli arrives in the shop in spring, until then sit tight and watch natasha's today show performance.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


introducing: Fortune Favors the Brave by Shannon Davenport and Julia Wilson. Their Debut collection is inspired by the fusion of traditional Native American art with a rugged Americana and Western sensibility. The jewelry represents a bold and modern reinterpretation of these Southwestern themes, amped with over sized proportions for a more aggressive take on this typically soft and intricate aesthetic.