Thursday, October 21, 2010


1.Fortune favors the brave look book, check out the amazing totem ring! I can't wait to wear the crap out of mine.
2.Laugh Cry Repeat Holiday collection coming soon.
3.Lonely Hearts 2011...fucking amazing.
4.Rose quartz pressie from Leora xo
5.La Dama studio sneak peak of TEAMO fall 2010, which includes The mummy sweater with woven sleeves....ummmmm, the perfect sweater perhaps? hand chains promised, pics of the dress that almost was. offspring
9.Halloween time at Disneyland is the best.
10.Snoop d o double g....tied as my best celebrity sighting with Juliette Lewis at a white stripes show 10 years ago when she just went up and hugged me for no reason.
11.Nacho and Bacon, the La Dama mascots
12.Peak a boo at the amazing mociun summit dress with black and white topography chunks..up in the shop in a few days.
13.empty studio wall
14.fabric shot of the Choctaw skirt, also in the shop in a few days.

La dama

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Arrivals!

Shape Shiftr has arrived! silk tail dresses, long mesh shirts and the grey/black cut-out's just too good.