Thursday, January 6, 2011


Introducing ADIEU by, Melinda Santillan. Melinda is good friends with fellow Mexican designers Rafa and Roberto, who also happen to be our friends and the geniuses behind TEAMO. She splits her time between Montreal, Canada and Mexico and is inspired by ghost friends from childhood, sleepovers from junior high, rock concerts in high school, heartbreaks, and drawing alone, pulls that piece of clothing that so many of us abandoned in our childhood back to the front of our wardrobe and a staple in any outfit.

Her current collection, LES FLEURS DU MAL was inspired by funeral arrangements, pinatas, Beaudelaire and a swan figurine collection.

The watercolor flowers were drawn while watching true crime TV. Shop the collection here.


  1. is there another link where I can buy these I LOVE them! And the first link didn't work for some reason

  2. Hi Ariana!

    The link is fixed and you can find them in the shop at la dama.