Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Getting Spirocreations to be a part of La Dama was such an amazing honor for us. I cyber stalked them to let them know how inspirational their
designs are to me until they returned my messages and to my total shock let me know that they loved La Dama! When they agreed to be part of the store I literally jumped up and down for at least 2 full minutes.

Spirocreations is a husband and wife team from Canada who love to create beautiful things with their hands and are also interested in living close to the earth and exploring old world handcraft trade. Everything from Spirocrations is created by hand, so every item is one of a kind. It's amazing how much hard work goes into making these items, they even whip-stitch everything using leather instead of thread.

These shoes are custom made for every individual meaning you take all your appropriate measurements, send them in and in 3 weeks time you will have a gorgeous one of a kind creation molded to fit only you.

Check out this crazy amazing logo designed for Spirocreations by their friend Amy Middleton and do look at her other work here
Hard at work.

I am obsessed with these lace up ballet flat hightops

These scrunch boots will look so sick with tights come winter.

true statement pieces.

New winter collection coming soon and also
stay tuned for leather corset belts that will be added to the store probably by the time you are done reading this.

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