Friday, July 17, 2009

TEAMO Chloe Sevigny

When I was compiling my list of dream designers that I would carry in LA DAMA  at the top of my list was TEAMO.The dream team behind TEAMO is Mexico City-based designers Roberto Sánchez and Rafa Cuevas.  I ran across an article about them in Nylon magazine and it featured this gorgeous orange dress from one of their lines that was inspired by The Day Of The Dead. I fell in love with this collection instantly. When you hear "Day of The Dead" in the U.S.the first thing that pops into someones mind is a skeleton wearing funny clothes, but for TEAMO it was all about beautifully draped clothes and bright NEON colors.  I cut out the article and pinned it on my wall for inspiration. The Latin based clothing line is more than just t-shirts and dresses-it aspires to be a lifestyle. This lifestyle is one where whoever wears the clothes isn't afraid to be themselves. Many of TEAMOS collection has religious and Gothic influences. With their first U.S. show at fashion week in New York this September TEAMO is about to show everyone that Mexico knows a little something about fashion too. 
Chloe Sevigny rocks the TEAMO Lucite Skull Bangle

Rafa Y Roberto

M.I.A. wearing the Courtney Love t-shirt

The Misshapes love the Vincent Gallo shirt (My personal Favorite)

Starting in September LA DAMA will be carrying TEAMO. Rafa and Roberto are some of the nicest people you could ever know. They have a strong following of devoted fans and we are honored to be one of the few stores to carry this line in the U.S.....but not for long, I hope.

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