Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Lately i've found myself going on jewelry binges, I don't mean breaking the bank by buying diamonds or one of a kind jewels. I've pulled out my old beat up silver charm bracelet, the silver heart necklace my husband gave me three years ago with a picture of my son in it, and i've started to have an obsession with gunmetal necklaces and rings, antique charms, and anything that looks like wearable art. While on the hunt for any jewelry that looks like it's survived a war I found and fell in love with Digby & Iona. Aaron Ruff is the amazing talented designer behind this jewelry line and every piece is unique, playful, and charming. Imagine how excited I was when I found out that La Dama was going to start to carry Digby & Iona. Do yourselves a favor and invest in a piece of Aaron's art.

"fighting bears" ring from the "fight or flight" collection

"Filigreed spyglass" from the "Wanderer in a sea of fog: Vol 1" collection

The Filigreed Spyglass is a fully functioning, antiqued brass miniature telescope. Suitable for pursuing either an object of affection or loathing!

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